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The  Kingdom Prescription defined

 The  Kingdom Prescription defined: It is the Word of God declared over your life regarding any situation or circumstances with faith and believing. It's about mplementing the five lifestyle changes. 

1. ) The Breath of Life

The Breath of Life

The life you live is the life you breathe every moment.

2.) Vital Signs

Vital Signs

Knowing your blood work numbers / Body Vital signs 

3.) The Power of Movement

The Power of Movement

Sitting still will kill, moving is the key to life.

4.) Importance of Vital Nutrients

Importance of Vital Nutrients

They are what makes a body function in health.

5.) Lean Superfoods & Oils

 Lean Superfoods & Oils

Some fats are good, and lean food is always a winner.

The Kingdom Prescription Video

See the how living a Kingdom mindset can affect your body and health outcomes